When are you open?

We are open Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 5:30pm. We are closed on Saturday, Sunday, and all major holidays. You may submit an issue to us 24/7/365 by sending an email to support@rebtech.com, or leaving a voicemail message at 712-732-6449. We will contact you as soon as we are able.

My office network seems slow. I have had the internet provider come to the office and check my internet connection and it seems normal. What can be causing my network to be slow?

The speed of you internet connection may not be appropriate for a business of your size. It also depends on how much internet your employees use to do their jobs. Some employees like to stream music or that play-off game. That can severely effect the speed others on the network may experience while using the internet. We can help audit the network usage and make sure the internet speed provided by your internet provider is scaled to your specific needs.

I was called by a person claiming they were from Microsoft [or other computer company] and they told me I had a virus on my computer.  They said if I followed their steps, they could fix it for me.  I followed their steps and let them connect to my computer.  They charged me a lot of money, and I don’t think they fixed anything.  What should I do now?

Microsoft or other computer companies will not call you.  These calls are made by people trying to steal your money or identity.  If you have allowed someone you do not know to connect to your computer, they likely have installed some software that could watch for passwords or account numbers.  The only sure way to make sure they do not have some program left on your machine is to completely restore your computer to factory default.  We can help collect your data, and place it back on the computer after the restore process.

A message appeared on my screen that says I have a virus and need to call a specific phone number in order to have it removed.  Should I call it?

No.  Several “Scammers” will use this tactic to scare you into calling them.  Once you call them, they will have you follow some steps to allow them to connect to your machine.  They will also try to charge you money.  If you call them, and allow them to access to your computer, your machine should be restored to factory defaults.  We can help collect your data, and place it back on the computer after the restore process.

My computer is very slow.  What makes it slow down?

During the coarse of using your computer on the internet, you will end up acquiring software packages you didn’t know you were getting.  This software is usually called “malware”, “spyware”, or “adware”.  The goal of most of this software is to gather information about your online behaviors.  For example, the places you like to online shop, or what sports teams you prefer.  However, some of this software can also redirect you to other web sites that you do not want to visit.

Over time, these small software packages pile up.  That causes your computer to get very busy doing all this spying and reporting that it doesn’t have as much time to do the things you are asking it to do.  There are some tools available to clean these programs out of your system.  The best course of action is to bring your computer in for a tune-up.  We can help you get your computer running better.