Private Cloud Hosting

Don’t get distracted by managing your own cloud services.  Industry Specific Software to general Office Production Software can be installed, maintained, and securely accessed from your office or any remote location with Internet and Private Cloud Hosting.


Business cannot operate without some sort of networking.  Securing and optimizing your network is critical.  Our Networking Services can build and protect your network no matter the size.

Technology Consulting

Technology is more than just computers and networks.  Today, Technology encompasses Computers, Tablets, Wireless Networking, Cellular Service, Software and even the Operational Processes you use to run your business.


Learning from you

Every business is different, and has unique requirements in order to optimize operations and maximize profit.  It is unusual for a “canned” technology solution to work for a specific business.  Technology should improve your work flow.  While there will be some adjustments, technology should not force you to completely overhaul your work flow in order to accommodate it.  Our approach is to gather information from you about your operations, concerns and desires.  After we have a good understanding of your business needs, we will formulate options and provide suggestions for you.

Our Goal

At Rebnord Technologies, we do not push our agenda. We listen to what you have to say and try to present options that meet your needs or desires. Our goal is to grow a relationship with you and your business in order to understand your operational needs, while sharing our industry experience so you can make the best Information Technology decisions for your business.

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